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Pulau Besar


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Literally meaning Big Island, Pulau Besar is easily conquered on foot as it is only 168 hectares in size. As one arrives on the island, one can feel its mystic and history in the relics left by its early population.

    During World War 2, the Japanese made Pulau Besar as one of their bases. Their formal Presence is evidenced by a dynamite store and a secret bunker found on the island. Nearby are the graves of Tok Janggut and Tok Putih-two of the island's legendary warriors. Next to them is an ancient well, built 500 years ago by the early inhabitants of the island.

    Another site of the visit is the Grave of the Seven Brothers. Close to it is the grave of Sheik Sultan Ariffin, an Arab trader and missionary who landed on the island in 572 BC. Other attractions are a wishing well locally Known as the Tempayan Well and Yunus Cave.

    The Tempayan Well was built by the early islanders who hid their belongings in it as pirates frequently sought refuge on the island during the monsoon season. The Yunus Cave was a favourite spot for spiritualists to meditate, During high tide, its mouth gets flooded and the cave is cut off from the outside world.

    Several other landmarks to visit are the Well of Sweet Water, Well of Spirits, and two famous boulders called Sailing Boulders and Spirit Boulder. And it is also up to one's dare to check on  the Devil's Island nearby. Accommodation in Pulau Besar is provided by PAndanusa Island Resort and other chalet operators, In the night, it is worth taking a leisure stroll on the beach to enjoy the twinkling view of Melaka City on the mainland. Golf can also be enjoyed at the 18-hole course.

    How to get there: Pulau Besar lies 5 km of the coast of Melaka, a historical state in the centre religion of Peninsular Malaysia. The city of Melaka is about one-and-a half hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur or three-and-a half hours' drive from Singapore. To reached the island, visitors can embark in air-conditional ferries from Melaka Quayside. Another way is to take speedboats from Umbai Village, eight km south of Melaka City.

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