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Pulau Pangkor


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Pulau Pangkor, separatd from the Perak mainland by the Manjong Straits, boasts of a numbe of white sandy beaches. Among them are Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah, and Pantai Puteri Dewi (Golden Sands). The water surrounding Teluk Nipah is gazetted as a sea park, and contains coral reefs and marine life. Beach will not miss the opportunity to indulge in sea sports like snorkelling, diving, swimming or merely to frolic and sunbathe on the warm, white sands of the beaches. World class holiday resorts have been set up along these splendid beaches. The many secluded bays that the island is blessed with offer good spots of camping or even fishing.

    The island has a road encircling its central hilly areas, and which connects all its attractions and beaches. For transport to get around the island, one can hire a bicycle, a motorbike or taking a ride in a hired van. Have a close look on how fisherman bring in the catch of the fishing villages or sample some of the local products sold at the town such as dried cuttle fish, anchovy, fish satay (a local delicacy). Other attractions on the island are a Dutch fort built in 1670 and the Batu Bersurat (Sacred Rock) which has a drawing of a tiger attacking a boy.

    There are several small isles surrounding Pulau Pangkor. Mentaggor Island lies on the west side; the 120 hectare of Pangkor Island. Pangkor laut is owned by Pangkor Laut Resort with its holiday concept being touted as Fantasy Island. The resort provides 125 top class, enthnic style luxuryvillas, some of which are nestled high in the jungle hillside and others built on stilts in the sea.

    How to get there: Pangkor Island is situated in the Strais of Melaka just off the coastal town of Lumut in Perak. By road, Lumut is 84 km south of Ipoh, the state capital of Perak. From the jetty in Lumut it's a 45 minutes ferry ride to the island at a fare  of about RM 6 per person. 

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