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Pulau Redang


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Pulau Redang, another of terengganu's captivating islands, is a paradise of its town. Indeed, it is a favourite dive destination where divers can witness a specticular live show of coloourful and exotic sea creatures and coral formations. The island's spotlessly white, sandy beaches act as a natural carpet for one to lie on and laze under the warm tropical sun.

    Berjaya Redang Beach Resort at Teluk Siang on the southern part of the island offers more than 150 chalet rooms and luxurious facilities. There are five dive sites in the waters of Redang.

    Tanjung Lang and Tanjung Tokong are north of the island and have a variety of corals such as hydrozoans, siphonophorans and anthozoans, including sea fans and sea whips. Tanjung Gua Kawah, Pasir Panjang, and Batu Mak Cantek are equally impressive in their own ways.

    How to get there: There are daily flights via Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu. (By road Kuala Terengganu is 490km from Kuala Lumpur). At the jetty in Jalan Hiliran, one takes one-and-a-half hour boat ride to Redang. It is also possible to boat a hired boat to the island from the fishing village of Merang, 38km north of Kuala Terenggnu. 

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